Product Reviews

Pantronics Rig 500HD

Good Afternoon FNS Hosting… I wanted to take this opportunity to present to you my daily driver the Plantronics Rig 500HD. I had planned to review this a few months back and never received my sample product from Plantronics. As such I took some money out of my own pocket and purchased it. First and foremost I want to say the installation of the software used to maintain this headset and truly enjoy it’s features was very easy to install. Once it was installed I was able to control the various highs and lows as well as toggle between the 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound. The sound truly is awesome whether it is listening to music or watching a full blown movie. The only criticism I have of the product in question is the earphones I feel they could be a lot lighter weight and possibly ventilated better. Considering that these headphones were predominantly made for the ESL it doesn’t surprise me they have a very nice comfort level to them. The fact that you can adjust pretty much every detail of the headsets is refreshing and makes one wonder if maybe I just need to purchase another set of the earpads as they do in fact have another type which is more suited to longer term gaming (ventilated better). All in all this is a pretty decent product the sound is quality the comfort is premier and they are surprisingly very lightweight. They indeed were a welcomed change from my Plantronics cs50 which is much more of a call center grade headset and better suited for skype calls or general office use a great alternative if you don’t have a need for a very robust sound experience.